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As the Homecoming weekend nears, just like every cardinal and gold blooded Trojan, my excitement builds. The tailgates, the barbeques, the campus buzzing with a bevy of activity and excitement- all strung together by a common thread of unwavering "Trojan Pride".

This Homecoming USC plays the Washington Huskies and no one will be surprised to see SC win, because truly there were no "Huskies" in the Trojan territory. The USC vs. Washington being touted as the season's second-most exciting game after Oregon vs. Stanford should promise some memorable edge-of-one's-seat football moments.

We at Annenberg Alumni Relations are super thrilled to be hosting our annual "Leader of the Pac(K): Homecoming at Annenberg " tailgate and picnic. Our tailgate comes complete with a scrumptious buffet and of course a bar (a tailgate’s not a tailgate with some good ol' cold ones). The various TVs in the Annenberg building will first show the morning games to get everyone in the spirit, after which at 12:30 guests can head over to the Coliseum to watch our team in action.

This will also turn out to be a great opportunity for our alumni returning to cheer on their Alma Mater to mingle with old friends and get updated on what's happening at USC Annenberg. For some alumni who come with their families or young children this will be a fitting moment to not only inculcate “Trojan Pride” but also show off the surroundings that may have given them the most unforgettable experiences of their lives. Annenberg Alumni Relations of course, has planned on giving not just our Alumni, but their families and friends a fabulous time.

Personally, I have had a blast planning this event. From connecting with alumni, getting them excited to attend, to all the small nitty-gritty things that go into event planning- it has been a great experience! Now after the last 3 busy days of last minute planning, I can’t wait to see how the event unfolds and get a glimpse into the future (next year!) of how it will be when I myself return to my Alma Mater as an alumna.

Aashna Moitra
M.A. Strategic Public Relations '12
Graduate Student Assistant
Annenberg Alumni Relations